English Winter Camp

My first semester of teaching is over, but before I could enjoy my winter break I had one more thing to do: volunteer to help with a week of English immersion for students in the annual Winter Camp. Twice a year the English Opens Doors Program organises camps for high school students (aged 14-18) during … More English Winter Camp

Football Frenzy

Football fever has hit Chile with the Copa America 2015 currently being played and the final will be in Santiago. At home in the UK I really don’t care about football, I don’t enjoy watching it and I hate the hooligans that come with it. I’m from Wales where it’s all about rugby. But as … More Football Frenzy

Winter is Coming

The latest season of Game of Thrones has ended , and it looks like winter really is coming to Punta Arenas now. A few weeks ago I thought I saw snow… that was only the pathetic stuff we get at home on a good day. A bit of snow and slush on my walk back … More Winter is Coming

Where in Chile?

You probably already know what I’ll be doing in Chile, but I can now tell you roughly where I’ll be going! After my orientation in Santiago I’ll be hopping on an internal flight to Punta Arenas to get to the Region of Magallanes! More officially this is known as XII Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena. Yes, … More Where in Chile?